The Risotto

Oyster Champagne risotto

Oyster Risotto with champagne- blueberries foam

Scallops Risotto

Risotto alle capesante e pancetta croccante

Scallops and crispy pork belly risotto

This risotto is simply cooked in a light garlic fish broth and scallops and folded at the end with crispy pork belly and touch of butter

Mushroomns Risotto

Risotto con funghi cremini e pomodoretti organici

"Cremini" mushrooms risotto with organic pearl tomatoes and basil

Risotto with grilled artichokes

Risotto al Parmigiano con carciofi alla piastra

Griddle Artichokes with Parmesan cheese risotto

Clean the artichokes by leave the steam unpeeled . Can be peeled after boiling them in water with a touch of natural acidity like vinegar or lemon juice depend on the purpose of your usage after.In this case I use lemon juice. Make sure that they are completely cover by the boiling water during the cooking process, you can use a napkin and cover the pan with a lid. Remove them when they are just tender enough and let them cool off at room temperature. Peeled the stems and marinated in extra virgin olive oil with fresh bay leaves.The following day you can grilled and served with this wonderful Parmesan cheese risotto.

Zesty lemon sage Risotto

Risotto al limone e salvia con il sugo dell'arrosto di vitello

Sage and lemon fusion risotto with veal jus

The delicate light combination of this flavors, it is a elegant way to have a risotto like this one before your roasted veal main corse,and of corse a young "Sangiovese" wine it will help to upgrate your taste.

Risotto Minestrone

Risotto di minestrone vegetale

Seasonal vegetables "minestrone risotto"

This what you can do with the vegetable "minestrone",you can use to make a wonderful taste risotto like this one

Risotto prosciutto & Parmigiano Reggiano


Parmesan cheese risotto with prosciutto and cabernet wine sauce.

Asparagus & Porcini mushrooms risotto


Porcini mushrooms risotto with asparagus

Try to this risotto with a water of the dry porcini mushrooms and add at the end saute fresh sliced "porcini" with thyme.

King crab and roasted pepper Risotto


Carnaroli rice with king crab meat and roasted bell peppers in a shell fish fume sauce.

For the fish fume use the bones and the cartilaginous of the crab, wash them and lightly toasted in the oven with a vegetables brunoise and then place them into a pot covering with water and white wine letter reduce by boiling slow until reduce by half.

Red beets Risotto with melted goat cheese

Risotto alle rape rosse con fonduta di caprino

Red beets risotto with goat cheese fondue

Boiled the beets before and use the strained water from the beets for the risotto the result you can see it on the picture.

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