The Minestrone


Yield 12 portion of 6 ounces each.
2 cup of olive oil
3 liter of water.
1/2 glove of garlic thin sliced.
1/2 bunch of Italian parsley.
1 bunch of black Tuscan Kale
1/2 each of Savoy cabbage.
1 each of leeks.
3 each carrots.
4 stalks of fresh celery.
2 each of diced Idaho potatoes.
1 bunch of green swiss chard.
2 cup of cooked Italian "Cannellini" beans.
3 each of green zucchini cut in diced only the green part.
2 tea spoons of tomato paste
1 each of Idaho peeled potatoes boiled in water until soft
1 cup of fresh spinach
1/2 cup of frozen sweet green peas.
fresh cracked salt and black pepper

Vegetable "Minestrone" soup


Wash you vegetable after cutting, and discard cut of vegetables rinsed under cold running water and added to a boiling salted water in a pot, to create a natural vegetable broth. Heat it a large stainless steel casserole, add the olive oil start with the sliced garlic and onion slowly braised on the oil add the carrots and celery cut in regular diced. Continuing cooking add the leeks and the diced Idaho peeled potatoes, followed by the savoy cabbage and the Tuscan organic kale, stewed until soft then add the two teaspoons of tomato paste, seasoned with fresh cracked sea salt and black pepper, add the water; bring the vegetables to simmer. In the mean time blend the cooked potatoes in a regular water and strained into the vegetables soup to give a light thickness and consistency. This also add flavor to the "Minestrone" As soon the diced potatoes are cooked add the green zucchini, spinach, sweet green peas and the last is the cooked Italian "cannellini" beans. Simmer for another 10 minutes and your "minestrone" is ready to be serve. You can chilled down to 38 degrees and store in the refrigerator up to 3 days, after that the potatoes and the beans start to release their own sugar starches and create a extra acidity. The soup is probably good to be eaten even after three days but must be reheat it well and remove the foam on the surface as soon it will appear on the surface of the soup.

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