Yield 8 portion of 4 ounces each.
2 liter of water.
1/2 glove of garlic thin sliced.
1 bunch of Italian parsley.
3 whole eggs.
1 cup of fresh grated "Parmigiano Reggiano".
2 table spoon of olive oil.
2 lb of fresh Porcini if is available or.
1 lb of dried "Porcini" mushrooms.
Sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper for seasoning.

The acquacotta (cooked water soup)


Decide if you have the fresh or dried mushrooms for this soup. With the dried Porcini, simply soaked the amount with the 2 liter of warm water for half hour. If you have fresh mushrooms the flavor profile will be different, than the dried. Start by lightly sauteed the fresh sliced garlic in a sauce pan with the olive oil until gold color, then add the fresh chopped fine Italian parsley and right after add the fresh sliced clean Porcini Mushrooms or the chopped dried porcini strained out of the water(do not discard the mushrooms water). Sauteed them for few minutes until start to slightly stick on the pan then deg-laze with the mushrooms water. Bring to simmer for 15 minutes. On the side stainless still bowl whip the whole eggs with the Parmesan cheese, then poor into the liquid soup, scrambled them into the soup and they will thickening the liquid just enough. This soup can be easily garnish with grilled garlic bread drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, or fresh thyme can be added at the end to give a aromatic taste to it. Just to remember that by using the dried "porcini" adjust the seasoning after you simmer the soup, because most of the time dried mushrooms they carry salt during the drying process, and water will dissolve some of that saltiness, but be carful after the liquid is simmer to taste it and adding the salt and pepper to the right amount.

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