Antipasti Caldi


Grilled calamari on fresh tomato filet, oranges and shaved spring scallions

Fried eggplant "millefoglie", Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, tomato coulis, balsamic reduction.

Warm Salted cod 'Baccala Mantecato" pate' on grill Tuscan garlic bread "Fettunta" with bell peppers-onion relish, shaved cucumber salad

Speck wrapped garbanzo beans croquette, olives pesto

Bufalo Burrata cheese on warm roasted tomato, balsamic glaze,micro basil

Shrimp croquettes on sweet green peas pure

Chopped the shrimp and add with some rice boiled and peeled potatoes, form then croquette, breaded and fried them serve with fresh sweet peas pure

Crispy fried smelt and Italian polenta garnished with wild baby arugula leaf

Wash the smelts under cold running water add the flour to absorb the wet moist and fried them at 300 degrees together with pieces of hard polenta

Spinach Fondant

Crispy spinach fondant with sliced oven dried Italian "prosciutto"

Make a hard roux with a blended raw spinach, let it cool down in a small sheet pan then cut in regular square pieces, and breaded with white bread crumbs croutons, fried the pieces in hot oil keep warm and garnished with the oven dried Italian "prosciutto"

Vongola al vapore con salsa hollandaise e prosciutto arrosto croccante

Steamed manila clams busted with hollandaise sauce and garnished with crispy roasted "prosciutto"

Foi gras al fegato di pollo sul tortino di carciofi

Chicken liver foi gras on baby artichokes tart and grape juice sauce.

If you taste this dish and nobody tell you that is chicken liver you think is a real foi gras, because it's so good.

Crostino con pate' al fegato di pollo e salsa Marsala

Tuscan crouton baghette with chicken liver pate' and Marsala wine sauce

This is a traditional appetizers warm crouton with the classic Tuscan chicken liver pate, very popular as starter before celebrating a Easter or Christmas family party.

Cuore di Carciofo alla Parmigiana

Parmesan cheese filled artichoke heart

The better quality of artichokes in Tuscany they are called "Empolesi", the color is dark green and with some violet spa, they are very firm and clean inside when you boiled them just cut the top and cooked without clean the stem, you can peeled the stem after,it will help keep the flavor of the artichokes.

Mozzarella in "Carrozza"

Crispy pan fried Mozzarella cheese with sweet basil cherry tomatoes

The mozzarella need to be sliced and dry out at in the refrigerator by putting it on a sheet pan wrapped with plastic the fan of the walking refrigerator will dry the cheese. After you can put it in between the lightly soaked white bread with milk and bread. Replace them in the refrigerator until they firm, than you can fried them in a non stick fry pan with extra virgin olive oil.The extra virgin olive is the best fro frying item like this the flavor is outstanding.

Fettunta ai funghi e groviera

Grilled sliced garlic bread "Fettunta" with sauteed champignon mushrooms and melted Emmenthal cheese.

The "Fettunta" is a the traditional name in Tuscany for sliced bread grilled over charcoal, brushed with the garlic glove and extra virgin olive.There are many variety of "Fettunta" or most popular name is "Brushetta".


Tiger Shrimp on rosemary skewer over vegetables compote' and drizzled with balsamic sauce.


Grilled pear wrapped with cured pork belly over puff pastry shells filled with Italian "gorgonzola" cheese

The pear is poached first in water, red vinegar,salt and fresh bay leaves.When is tender enough need to carefully remove from the liquid and cool down; than wrapped with thin sliced cured pork belly. With the liquid of the poached pear is reduce by half and than also cool down emulsion in the extra virgin olive oil, for the sauce.The combination of this dish with "gorgonzola" cheese mousse layered in between the puff pastry and warm wrapped poached pear is delicate and tasty.Order your "gorgonzola" cheese here

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