Antipasti Freddi



Fresh "Bufalo mozzarella" dressed with lemon olive oil on a mosaic of marinated vegetables"

Creamy "Burrata" cheese on shaved green zucchini salad, tossed with black olive pesto and cherry tomatoes

Bacalao “Mantecato”, garlic tomato “livornese” and leeks sauce with crispy onions, garbanzo bean cream.

Burrata cheese on watermelon savory sorbet, aged balsamic drops, extra virgin olive oil

Kobe beef "Carpaccio" with shaved tossed baby artichokes, Parmigiano Reggiano, lemon-olive oil.

Molecular Italian cheese "Burrata" on a baked pasta cup with crispy basil chiffonade

Ahi tuna tartar tower with red bell pepper relish

Grape tomatoes filled with orange mustard, marinated anchovies and kalamata olive

Cut in half the grape tomatoes, filled with the orange mustard garnished with marinated anchovies and small piece of Kalamata olive

Hand made "Burrata" cheese on red prickle Pear coulis with celery, cucumber and red onion remoulade, with basil chiffonade

Blend the red prickle Pear and strain the juice into a bowl, add the fine chopped celery, cucumber, and red onion remoulade in the juice with lemon juice and emulsion with olive oil.

Molecular balsamic vinegar jelly with tomato fondue

Reduce the balsamic vinegar at syrup consistency than add the Asian Konjack flour then molded in square shape let cool down, then unmolded and serve with the tomato fondue

Sliced Italian "Bresaola" on baby spinach tossed with lemon, whole grain mustard and shaved Parmesan cheese

In a bowl tossed the baby organic spinach with the lemon juice and a touch of whole grain mustard, lightly seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and sea salt, place in the middle of the plate arrange a fan of sliced Italian "breasola"(cured aged Beef), garnished with shaved Parmesan Cheese

Tossed diced watermelon dressed with spring onion vinaigrette and shaved celery on slice vine ripe tomatoes

Wash and cut off the skin of the watermelon, then cut it in regular diced, place in a bowl add the shave celery, chopped cucumber, and dressed with the spring onion vinaigrette

Sous vide tomato filled with green zucchini "Scapecie" on steam green peas and red wine reduction sauce

To make a green zucchini "scapecie" sliced the zucchini 1/3 of a inch thick spread it out on a sheet pan with parchment paper and let them dry out over night. After the moister will naturally evaporate and you can easily fried them in hot oil, then spread them again and let them cool down a dry again

Baccelli e Pecorino

Tossed fresh peeled fava beans with Tuscan Pecorino, Walnuts and micro greens

After peeling the fava beans tossed with toasted walnuts and diced Tuscan pecorino, seasoned with salt,black pepper and garnished with micro greens

Carciofo con peperoni e tonno

Artichokes with red bell pepper and albacore tuna

The artichokes is poached under extra virgin olive oil, with aromatic herbs and lemon skin, serve over a garlic toasted croutons, filled with albacore tuna pate' wrapped with roasted red bell pepper.

Terrina al fegato di vitello con le patate novelle

Veal liver terrine with fingerling potato salad

The veal liver terrine is at room temperature, served over a boiled fingerling potato tossed in extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh crushed pepper. Garnished with mache lettuce, drizzled with red vinegar reduction sauce.

Salmone curato alla vodka

Vodka cured Atlantic salmon

This salmon is cured with kosher salt and sugar, lemon skin, assorted fresh pepper corn and aromatic herbs, is also can be use for different presentation with shaved fennel and orange segment salad, or fancy " crostini" spread with cream cheese and garnished with capers and lemon segment.

Cucumber cup amuse bouche with marinated tiger shrimp

Cut the cucumber scoop out the seeds, filled with diced lemon marinated tiger shrimp and peeled diced red bell pepper,julienne green onions, seasoned with crushed red pepper and garlic parsley citronette

Quenelle di baccala' mantecato con i ceci all'olio d'oliva

Cod fish quenelle with garbanzo beans and virgin olive oil

The salty cod is very well know all over Italy and this recipes is traditional antique.Place the salty cod over night under cold running water,the day after drain out and dry it, place in hotel pan cover with milk cover it with a lid or aluminum foil and baked in the oven slowly.When is tender remove from the oven let it cool down completely; remove it from the liquid and put it in a food processor and mixed by drizzled in some extra virgin olive, you will obtain a nice smooth pate'.I this dish it serve over boiled garbanzo beans which is the most appropriate for taste a cod preparation like this one

Torre di pomodori con la burrata,olio di basilico

Organic tomato and "burrata cheese" tower with basil olive oil

The "Burrata" is cheese from Puglia now in the last few years it became very popular in California and the united States, this is a presentation that was done for a large party of four hundred people if you like to find out menu for event click here

Avocado e polpa di granchio in salsa di limone

Avocado shells filled with crab salad topped with a lemon parsley sauce.


Carpaccio of beef filet with Parmesan cheese basket and fresh arugula.

Clean very well the beef tenderloin from the fat and sliced few pieces, put them in between a plastic wrap, than pounded gently until the meat will be large enough to cover the eleven inch dinner plate, seasoned with a emulsion of fresh lemon jus, extra virgin olive, kosher salt, and fresh ground black pepper, garnished with the Parmesan cheese basket filled with tossed baby arugula, drizzled with balsamic glaze.Order here a excellent extra virgin olive oil or a great aged balsamic vinegar.

Terrina di pollo e funghi all'olio tartufato

Chicken and mushrooms terrine with drizzled white truffle olive oil

This terrine is make with mixed wild mushrooms and chicken breast, served over light tossed mache' lettuce and tomato concasse and white truffle olive oil, is a great start for a special course menu dinner or lunch, I will suggest a Cabernet grape wine for this dish

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