La Campagnola Bar Menu

Broccoli croquette with Italian Gorgonzola Cheese fondue
Crispy fried shrimp with green zucchini Tartar sauce.
Grilled goat cheese stuffed red Radicchio and balsamic glaze.
Porcini mushrooms and fontina cheese "pizzette" with truffle oil.
Ship ricotta cheese and roasted beets in a shot glass.
Slow roasted lettuce wrap pork butt on apple mustard comfiture .
Prosciutto wrapped bread sticks.
Homemade artichoke dip with Pizza bread crackers.
Assorted seasonal vegetables pickles with peppercorn sour cream.
Orange-garlic glaze chicken wings
Cheese and fruit plate with condiments
Spinach and cheese fondant
Olives and tomato-basil bruschetta
Roasted sausage meat balls with marinara sauce
Spoons of basil ice cream with toasted pine nuts
Molecular Balsamic pearls serve in a extra virgin olive oil
Romano Cheese souffle with sauteed rapine
Ossobuco risotto supply on Parmesan cheese cream
Bacon wrapped turkey terrine on romaine leaf and Caesar dressing
Grapes marmalade on Baby Belgian Endive petals and candied walnuts
Sun dried tomato soup cup with burrata cheese

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