Amuse and finger food menu

Italian finger food for Cravate Soiree

Crispy fried polenta cup filled with spicy Calabrese nduya sausage.

Handmade chilled Tagliolini in a fork with organic scallions, and Butter Beluga caviar.

Organic red wine vinegar marinated watermelon with pipe handmade Burratacheese.

Shave fresh Porcini mushrooms with Parmigiano Reggiano and black summer truffle oil.

Roasted purple cauliflower with anchovies and sunny side up quail egg.

Mediterranean octopus with fingerling potatoes and parsley foam.

Molecular Sicilian Caponata with sous vide Albacore tuna roe.

Rosemary skewer with rabbit loin confit.

Handmade duck breast prosciutto with organic mission figs.

Raw King Salmon Crudo on fennel cold slaw.

Champagne poached cherries filled with sweet Italian gorgonzola

Granny Smith apple Frittata with grilled foie gras.

Red quinoa baked scallops with savory peach sorbet.

Shaved baby artichokes and kumquats salad with micro greens.

Warm pistachio Carnaroli risotto with pork belly.

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