Gnocchi The Gnocchi

The "Gnocchi"

Hand made "Ricotta cheese gnocchi with tomato concasse' and mint chiffonade

Ignudi alla fiorentina di ricotta e spinaci al pomodoro.

Ricotta cheese and spinach "gnocchi" in a light tomato basil sauce

This are simply make with fresh ricotta cheese,and spinach then lightly sauteed with basil tomato sauce

Gnocchi di ricotta al pomodoro fresco con le melanzane marinate

Ricotta cheese gnocchi sauteed with fresh tomatoes sauce and served with oregano extra virgin olive oil marinated eggplant

This gnocchi are made with just ricotta cheese and flour. Squeeze out all the water from the fresh ricotta cheese and let dry out for few hour at room temperature.Adding the flour into the ricotta, seasoned with fresh ground nutmeg and salt, make a simple dough. Let the dough rest for half hour. Then shape the gnocchi as always.For the eggplant, partial peeled the eggplant and then round sliced two inches thick.Immerse the slice in salted boiling water, put a plate on it to make sure the eggplant soft boiling for 25 minutes totally cover by the water. Then strained out from the water and place it over a dry towel, leave it cool off. Add the chopped garlic and fresh oregano in the extra virgin olive oil.Place the cool off eggplant in a container and covered completely with the extra virgin olive oil mixture. Leave the eggplant marinated over night before you serve it to give time to the eggplant to absorb all the marination flavor.

Gnocchi di zucca al burro e salvia con il prosciutto di Parma

Italian squash "gnocchi" tossed in a sage butter and Parmesan cheese served over slice prosciutto of Parma

The squash "gnocchi" with the sage butter sauce and the Parmesan cheese give the perfect balance with the sweetness of the squash, and when you byte together with the prosciutto it's really give the flavor a great taste that will melt in your mouth


Potato "gnocchi" with basil pesto sauce.


Potato "gnocchi" with beef oxtail ragout and vegetables

See also herewith a leftover of the beef oxtail the meat can be shredder and use for a condiment of a potato gnocchi like this one.

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