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8 ounces of chicken breast
4 ounces of bottom mushrooms
2 ounces of shitake mushrooms
2 ounces of oyster mushrooms
salt and Pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
1 each onion
1 cup of cream
2 whole eggs
1 bunch of Mache lettuce
1 each of Roma tomato
Balsamic glaze

Chicken and mushrooms terrine on Mache lettuce and tomatoes, with balsamic glaze


wash and clean the mushrooms then dried on a paper towel, sauteed them in hot skillet with olive oil, seasoned with salt and let them set aside. Cut the chicken I regular dice. In the food processor start blending the sauteed mushrooms, with a touch of oil, cream and the whole eggs adding the fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Put this mixture into a bowl and adding the diced chicken breast. Put in the mixture into a butter greased terrine mold, sealed with a plastic wrap, followed by the aluminum foil. Cooked in water pan bath in the preheat oven at 265 degrees, for 2 hour or until with a tip of knife you can taste it if the mixture is dried in the middle. Then remove from the oven let rest until rich room temperature, then cover again with plastic wrap; refrigerated over night. Before serving tossed the bunch of Mache lettuce with the peeled ripe Roma tomatoes and topped with the unmolded and sliced chicken-mushrooms terrine, drizzled in the glazed balsamic vinegar

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