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2 Slices of grappa Cured Salmon
Lemon citronette
English Cucumbers sliced

The "grappa" Cured Salmon Salad


To prepare the grappa cured Salmon you need to have a Salmon Filet any size you like then cured under sea salt and sugar with aromatic herbs and a couple shot of regular Italian Vodka. For the ratio and detail about this culinary process if you are interest just click on the banner at the bottom of the page and filled out the form on page, we will assist you to achieve your best curing process for your needs. To assembling this dish, just sliced thin with the slicer your cucumber place it on the center of the dish and with help of stainless steel ring over the cucumber put about a ounce of you favorite fresh greens, thin sliced the slices of the grappa cured salmon around the ring, carefully remove the ring and drizzled on the lemon citronette.

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