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Amuse Bouche or finger food


English Cucumber
Shrimp 26/30 size
Lemon juice
Fresh cracked pepper
Red bell pepper peeled
Sea salt

Lemon-pepper shrimp marinated in a cucumber cup


Cut the top of a English cucumber peeled in equal stripes, than cut 6 pieces of 2 inch per piece. With a small tea spoon or a small ball cutter tool remove the center of each piece and create a small cavity. Place the obtain cucumber cup pieces in a ice water bath it will help the cucumber to stay fresh and cold to serve it. Wash and clean the shrimp and sliced them long wise in equal sliced. Place them in a bowl seasoned with sea salt, adding the peeled fresh red bell pepper already cut into a fine julienne and cover it with fresh lemon juice, seasoned with the fresh cracked pepper and let them marinated in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After sliced the green scallions into a fine chiffonade, to be used to garnished the cucumber cup. With a small spoon filled the cucumber cup already dry out from the ice water bath drizzled few drops of a fine extra virgin olive oil, then garnished with the scallion chiffonade. The scallion also can be keep under a wet paper towel to keep them fresh and shiny.

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