1 lb of baby artichokes
3 cup of olive oil
1 ounce of marjoram
1 ounce of thyme
1 each garlic glove
2 cup of albacore tuna in water or olive oil
1 lb of Roma Tomatoes
1 bunch of Italian Parsley
1 cup of fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano

Olive oil Poached Artichokes with tuna on oven dried tomato


Wash and clean the baby artichokes, remove the hard leaf until you get to the more tenders ones, peeled carefully the stem and cut off the tops. Immerse the clean artichokes while you trimmed in acid water with fresh squeeze lemon juice, it will prevent them to oxidize and turning black. After you finish the trimming remove from the acid water and dried them in a regular towel put in a casserole and cover with the oil, you can put a plate on it to make sure the all artichokes are under the surface of the oil. Sealed the casserole by sealed with plastic wrap and then aluminum foil, for better sealing you can use "Fata Paper". Place the casserole in the preheat oven at 300 degree and let it slowly poached for a 45 minutes, after you can check them and poked with a pairing knife the stem and see if it will go thru. Remove the casserole and let the cooked artichoke rest under the oil until chilled to room temperature. In the mean time blended the albacore tuna in a food processor and place it in a bowl adding the fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano, and fine chopped Italian parsley, keep it on the side and refrigerated. Clean and wash the Roma tomatoes cut in half long wise and seasoned with salt, pepper, chopped thyme, marjoram and garlic, place in a large sheet pan cover with a parchment paper and drizzled olive oil from the artichokes on it and bake them also for a 20 to 30 minutes at 325 degree. Remove the artichoke from the oil with a melon scoped remove the hearth part, add the remove it part into the blended tuna and filled the artichoke with the mixture, served over the chilled room temperature oven dried tomato drizzling some olive oil from the cooking artichoke on it just before serving and garnished with the fine chopped Italian parsley

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