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1/2 bunch of jumbo asparagus
1 each quail egg
sea salt
White truffle olive oil

Shaved Jumbo asparagus baked with quail egg and extra virgin olive oil


Wash the jumbo artichokes than with a peeler shaved them. Blanch then in hot boiling water and chilled in ice water bath right away, try them on a paper towel or a napkin. Butter a 2 ounces aluminum baking cup and the shaved artichokes stripes on the sides of the cup allow a cavity to poor in the quail eggs, baked the cups in the oven at 300 degrees in a water bath pan for ten minutes until the white will cooked and allow the stripes of the asparagus to be hold together, unmold them and place in the center of appetizer white dish serving with drizzling of white extra virgin olive oil

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