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Organic grape tomatoes
1 lb of Sunkist oranges
2 cup of granulated sugar
Sea salt
Kalamata olives
Julienne red onions
Red wine vinegar
Mustard extract
basil oil

Amuse Bouche

Grape tomato filled with orange mustard, marinated red onion and olives


Start by preparing the orange mustard, cut the oranges with skin on in regular pieces, place in a pot pam with the sugar and start cooking at low flame, stirring until the orange will be completely melt into the sugar, it will take several hour, when you see the compost start to stick to the bottom of the pan remove from the flame, allow to rest and return to flame , continuing stirring until the orange is completely dissolve. Then add a splash of vinegar followed by 6 drops of mustard extract, return to flame and reduce again. Let rest until rich room temperature pass thru a fine sieve into a bowl, and refrigerated over night. Cut in half the grape tomatoes, remove the inside seeds with a help of a tea spoon, and filled the cavity with the orange mustard, garnished with the julienne red onions previously boiled in hot boiling salted water, and dried on a paper towel then marinated with red wine vinegar, kalamata olives pieces drizzled with basil oil

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