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1 each rosemary stick
4 each 26/30 size tiger shrimp
1/2 cup of red wine vinegar
Balsamic glaze
salt and Pepper
Shitake mushrooms
Peeled skin off Bell peppers

Rosemary shrimp skewers on vegetable "Macedonia" and balsamic glaze


Cut the vegetable in regular diced and keep it separate. In a small casserole heat it up with olive oil add the onion first and braised until gold add the potatoes, then the bell peppers, then the shitake mushrooms, as soon all the liquid of the vegetable will evaporate and the sugar starches start to combine deglaze with the red wine vinegar, let evaporate it and chill everything a room temperature. Clean and wash the shrimp and stub them into the rosemary skewers, seasoned with salt and pepper then baked over a parchment paper in a preheat oven. Assemble the dish by scoping in the center the room temperature vegetable "Macedonia" and garnished with balsamic glaze.

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