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3 ounces of raw Japanese Ahi Tuna
1 cup of strawberries
1/2 cup of fresh organic grapefruit juice
2 table spoon of glucose
1 table spoon of fresh horse radish
6 leaves of Spring green onions
1/2 of Persian cucumber
2 each of small Gala apples
1 cup of grapefruit skins
2 cup of distilled water
12 ounces of granulated sugar
4 drops of Mustard extract
1 cup of white wine vinegar
6 ounces of black squid ink
2 each of fresh squeeze lemons
Sea salt
Black Pepper
4 ounces of extra virgin olive oil

Raw Ahi tuna on horse radish-strawberries sherbet squid ink emulsion with shaved green onions, cucumber and apple-citrus mustard dots.


Starting to prepare the sherbet, wash and clean the strawberries then blended until smooth pass into a sieve and keep the juice in a bowl adding the fresh squeeze grapefruit also strain it freeze in the blast chiller completely solid frozen, in the blender again add the horse-radish together with the glucose and take the frozen strawberries and grapefruit juices break with a serrated Chef knife add to the blender and blend remove fast the sherbet put in a small also frozen stainless steel container and freeze back again.Prepare now the black squid emulsion with the wash and clean blender put the spoon of Dijon mustard then the fresh squeeze lemons and the 6 ounces of the ink, start blending emulsification will start after slowly pouring the extra virgin olive oil until you will see the liquid will start a creamy texture and consistency. Keep it on site by feeling a kitchen squeeze bottle.For the apple Mustard with the citrus, in a saucepan put the water, the white wine vinegar and the sugar start simmering, add the washed gala apples and cut in pieces, remove the core and the seeds, add also the peeled skin of the grapefruit into this simmering liquid reduce until start sticking at the bottom of the pan, remove from the fire let rest and re-put back on the flame, repeat this operation until the apple and the citrus skin will be completely smash, let chill at room temperature, then add the mustard extract drops, then blended taste and seasoned as you like it with sea salt and white pepper, pass then true a sieve to obtain a smooth and velvety texture, fill into another squeeze bottle. Prepare the Spring onions and cucumber chiffonade for the garnish. Take a frozen dish plate and squeeze first the apple mustard dots, in the center place a diamond ring tool squeeze around the outside part of the ring the black squid ink emulsion sauce, fill the center of the ring with the sherbet and topped with two nice sliced of raw Japanese Ahi Tuna, garnished with the cucumber-Spring onion chiffonade, serve nice and cold.

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