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Fresh eggs pasta dough 2 LB (see recipe)
B�chamel sauce 2 quarts (see recipe.)
Lump crab meat 1 LB
Shrimp tiger 1 LB
Clams 1 LB
Mussels 1 LB
Monk fish 1 lb
Sea bass 1 lb
Garlic 1 glove
Basil 3 bounches Yellow lemon skin 1 each
Extra virgin olive oil 1 liter
Unsulted Butter 8 ounces
Tomato marinara sauce 1 quarts (see Recipe)

Seafood "Lasagna" with pesto "Carlofortino"


Steamed the mussels and clams by putting in small pot with a touch of oil and cover it with his lid. As soon they shellfish will be open remove the shells and let them marinated with a touch of oil. Use the shellfish juice to be added into the b�chamel. (Make sure the b�chamel is not too liquid to do this process), the juice it will give the sauce a distinguish flavor in the preparation of this �lasagna� dish. Peeled, wash and sauteed the shrimp in hot skillets for few seconds let them cool off at room temperature. Roast the sea bass in the oven by giving 8 minutes of every inch of his thickness; let it rest. Poached the monk fish in a reduction of marinara and white wine, until tender. (View poaching technique on the preparation web page). In a stainless still bowl mix in all the separated cooked fish and shellfish (the lump crab meat use the one is fresh and already pasteurize). Add some of the b�chamel sauce and mix gently. For the pesto �Carlofortino�: Peeled and wash the garlic glove boiled in water with a skin of lemon until tender. Remove and let it cool it off completely. Then blended with the basil leaf, adding the right amount of extra virgin olive oil refrigerated. After roll and sheeting the egg fresh pasta dough, cook it in sea salted water for few minutes and then cools it off by placing in an ice water bowl. Remove and lay out the cook sheet of pasta in a sheet t pan cover with a plastic wrap, continuing this work until you finish the quantity dough is require for this recipes. Lasagna di pesce con il pesto �Carlofortino� Take a half size hotel pan, brushed with soft butter all over the inside part. Then lay the first sheet of pasta, the assorted fish and bechamel mixture, touch of �pesto� Repeat this session until the pan is full, at least half inch off the border of the pan. Finished the last lay out by covering it with only b�chamel sauce. Let it rest and cool down for at list couple hours. Then you can baked at 450 degree for 10 minutes, and garnished on the top with few spoons of �Pesto Carlofortino.


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