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Yield 10 portion of mushrooms pasta scale at 150 grams x portion

1lb of dry Porcini mushrooms
1 quart of hot water
10 yolks
1 Lb of high gluten flour
1 cup of of pastry flour
1 cup of extra fine semolina flour
1 fluid once of olive oil
1/2 lb of Parma Prosciutto
1 bunch of regular asparagus
1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 cup of fresh shaved Parmigiano Reggiano

Porcini mushroomms "tagliatelle" with prosciutto and asparagus


For the porcini mushrooms pasta dough
First soaked the dry "porcini" mushrooms in hot water for a half hour, then strained and squeeze out as much water as possible out of the dry mushrooms with a help of cheese cloth,reduce the water by half, then keep the water on the side and let chill to room temperature.Fine chop the mushrooms on the cutting board.
Put the flours with the yolks and the oil add the chopped mushrooms start the mixer and slowly add the reduce it mushrooms water slowly until the dough will form. Wrap the mushrooms pasta dough in a plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes.Roll out the dough to 1.5 millimeter thick sheet of pasta then cut it into long stripes with your "tagliatelle" pasta machine cutter.
Cut the asparagus in diagonal slices, thin slice the prosciutto and cut it in regular diced pieces.In a sauteed pan warm up with the extra virgin olive oil then add the sliced asparagus first and let gently toast and cook in the oil, in the mean time in a salted boiling water pot, add a ladle of water into the sauteed pan to stop the cooking of the asparagus and get all the flavors of the sauteed asparagus, cooked the shaped cut "Tagliatelle" in the water it will take less then two minutes, then added into the sauteed pan and start reducing with the asparagus and the water on the pan, when the water will be almost reduce, add the thin diced Parma Prosciutto, and the fresh shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, turn off the flame of the sauteed and tossed the "tagliatelle" until all the ingredients are very well combine poor in some extra virgin olive oil at the end for the few tossing just before you will presented and served on you desire serving plate.

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