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Yield 8 portions

1Lb Ravioli Pasta Dough
10 ounces of fresh Eggplant
1/2 bunch of Italian Parsley
5 ounces of fresh ricotta cheese
8 ounces of beef tenderloin
2 each jumbo carrot
6 each stalk of celery
1 each jumbo yellow onions
6 ounces glass of olive oil
1 table spoon of tomato paste
1 cup of beef demi-glace
4 ounces glass of red wine
sea salt and black pepper
1 each whole fresh garlic
2 each fresh bay leaves

Tuscan "Tordelli" filled with eggplant and ricotta cheese in a diced beef tenderloin vegetable ragout


Start with your fresh ravioli dough by following the recipe link on the ingredients selection here on the left of this text box.
Also prepare your beef-demi-glace ahead it will be need on this recipe.
For the eggplant and the fresh ricotta filling for this Tuscan "Tordelli", clean and partially peeled the eggplant, then boiled until tender in a salty water, then drain it and let completely cool down at room temperature spread out on a large sheet pan. In a large bowl add your fresh ricotta cheese previously squeezed and drain as much water liquid as possible with a help of a cheese cloth (can be drain wrapped in the cheese cloth over night); add then the eggplant, zest few fresh garlic glove with the micro-plane, seasoned with fresh chopped Italian parsley and sea salt and pepper add few drops of olive oil to better combine the mixture.
Stretch and rolled out the fresh "ravioli" pasta dough, with a round mold cutter, make your the "tordelli" shape, then place the eggplant mixture in the center of the round pasta pieces with a teaspoon, brush the edges with eggs wash and cover the circle with another fresh piece, seal the edge of the ravioli shape and keep on site, finish all the mixture. As soon your "tordelli" is made you can blanched in hot salted boiling water for couple minutes, this allow to cook and pasteurized the pasta dough that can be easily freeze it and be ready to reheat it as soon as you ready to sauteed in the beef tenderloin and vegetable ragout.
For the beef tenderloin vegetable ragout, cut a fine mirepoix with the onions, carrots and celery let braised in a sauce pan over sliced sauteed garlic in a sauce pan. On a side french iron hot skillet sauteed the diced and trimmed pieces of beef tenderloin, add them to the vegetable mirepoix and continuing braising for 5 minutes to combine the flavors, add the spoon of tomato paste, follow with the cup of beef demi-glace and the glass of red wine, simmer the sauce for 45 minutes until the liquid will be half reduce. Cook the hand made Tuscan "tordelli" in a boiling water and as soon their will start floating on the water surface, drain it out with a large skimmer and added to the beef tenderloin and vegetable ragout, sauteed in pan for few minutes to get the ravioli starches absorb the flavors of the sauce, serve.


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