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Yield 5 portion of cooked pasta scaled at 6 ounces x portion

1 lb of Bow Tie (Farfalle) pasta
2 cup of fresh arugula
1 cup of blanched sliced almonds
2 ounces of fresh peeled garlic
1 cup of Parmigiano Reggiano
1 cup of canola oil
1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 lb of fresh Pork belly
1 lb of curing sea salt
1 lb of granulated sugar
fresh rosemary and thyme
1 shot cup of burgundy wine
1 cup of ground black pepper
2 lb of fresh large scallops

Bow tie sauteed with Tuscan "rigatino" (cured pork belly)with scallops on almond arugula pesto.


For curing the pork belly
In a bowl mix the salt and sugar add some crushed fresh garlic, place a piece of aluminum foil in a half baking pan dusted with the salt mixture, place the pork belly and cover it completely with the rest of the salt mix. poor in the shot of wine and place in the refrigerator cover with a piece of parchment paper and aluminum foil put a weight on it to make sure the meat will remain under the salt all time. Allow 3 nights of curing, then remove it from the salt, and brush off the salt, dry well with a kitchen towel, dusted the piece with a mixture of fresh ground pepper and some rosemary springs, and thyme leafs. Place the cured pork belly on a cooking rack over a half sheet pan and put it in the refrigerator uncover for another couple days.
For the arugula pesto
Boil the fresh garlic in water until tender, then chilled to room temperature. In a blender put the chilled boiled garlic with the blanched almonds, the arugula and the Parmesan cheese, add the canola oil and blend until creamy consistency, place the arugula pesto in a container and refrigerate.
Cook the bow tie pasta al dente" now heat it up a sauteed pan with the extra virgin olive oil and add the sliced and chopped cured belly (Tuscan "rigatino") cook until crispy, remove from the fat and seared the scallops on the fat both side, discard the fat place the sauteed pan in the oven at 300 degree F. for 3 minutes to allow the scallops to cook evenly, then add a ladle of the boiling cooking water from the pasta, and add the pasta sauteed to reduce the liquid and let the starches of the pasta combine the flavors.Tossed with a touch of extra virgin olive oil at the end, then presented on large plate with the arugula pesto at the bottom and the crispy Tuscan "rigatino" for garnish.

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Pasta Recipe

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