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1 lb of Carnaroli rice
8 oz. of shrimp 16/20
2 each shallots
1/2 quart of fish fume
1 cup of shrimp broth
1 shot of cognac
1 cup of white wine
sea salt and ground black pepper
1 table spoon of saffron
1 bunch of Italian parsley
1 lb of fresh green zucchini
lemon zest
1 cup of olive oil

Saffron green zucchini and shrimp risotto


Clean the large shrimp and keep the shell on side.
Wash the shrimp shell and added to the fish fume, add the shot of cognac and start simmering the liquid, reduce to get the shrimp flavor from the tasted shrimp shell, strain the liquid into a clean sauce pan adding the saffron and a touch of zest lemon. In a small casserole let it sweat the fine chopped fresh shallots with the olive oil, add then the Carnaroli rice and toasted, seasoned with sea salt and ground black pepper, splash the wine, as soon the alcohol content is evaporate, start adding the shrimp stock liquid and stirring continuously, with a wooden spoon, cut the green part of zucchini and added to the rice. Sauteed the shrimp on a side in a skillet with garlic zest and fresh chopped Italian parsley, chop some of the cooked and added to the rice also; leave couple of the shrimp cooked whole then garnished the risotto when will be plated.

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