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Yield 4 order of "spaghetti chitarra" scale at 6 ounces per portions
1.5 lb of fresh dough for "spaghetti Chitarra"
2 each main live lobster chick 1.5 lb each.
1 lb of ripe Roma tomatoes
1 bunch of fresh Italian parsley
1 table spoon of tomato paste
6 ounces glass of brandy
2 each bay leaves
4 each garlic gloves
6 ounces glass of white wine
3 quart of water
1 each jumbo carrots
1 each jumbo yellow onions
4 stalk of celery
sea salt and black ground pepper

The Lobster "spaghetti chitarra"


Start with making your fresh pasta dough for "spaghetti". After rolling the pasta at list 1.5 millimeter of thickness, let dry it for 5 to 6 minutes under a ventilation area then passed to a "chitarra spaghetti tool". Place your "chitarra spaghetti" in the refrigerator dusted with semolina flour ready to cook later.
Take a large pot filled out with water add some of chop celery, onions and carrots, with the wash steams of Italian parsley, and the peeled skins of the Roma tomatoes. Bring the water pot to boil add the white wine, and immerse live the two lobster boil for 7 minutes, then remove out of the water and immerse them right way in ice water bath, to chill. Clean the lobster by cutting them in half, remove the claws meat and cave the shells; keep the half cut it lobster in the refrigerator ready to use. Take another clean put and heat it up with olive oil, add the rest of the chopped vegetables, then put the lobster shell in the hot oven for ten to fifteen minutes, to be toasted and get out the flavors from the shell claws, add them to the veggies in the pot and cook for another two to three minutes, then stir in the table spoon of tomato paste, and then add the brandy, flame out the alcohol, at this point add the lobster cooking water, and reduce by half, then strain out the liquid into a sauce pan and continuing to reduce another half of the liquid, seasoned with sea salt and pepper to taste.Now is time to take a a large sauteed pan heat it up with the extra virgin olive oil, and let the thin cut sliced garlic cloves, get color in the oil, add then the already peeled Roma tomatoes cut it also in large chops, let the tomato sweat to release their own juices, add the half lobster in the tomatoes together with the fresh chopped Italian parsley, simmer the lobster for few minutes add some of the reduce lobster stock into the sauteed pan, at this point take out the "spaghetti chitarra" pasta and boiled them in salted water, strain them out of the water and put them in the sauteed pan, remove at this point the half lobster and keep warm in a tray on the stove, sauteed the spaghetti in the sauce until they will absorb all the liquid in the pan, drizzled more extra virgin olive and more chop parsley, tossed and is now is ready to serve, remove the meat out of the shell presented in the middle of a large bowl plate, pile up the spaghetti chitarra and garnished them with the lobster body shells.

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