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Pasta Made from scratch

These recipes are the basic and the most traditional fresh pastas recipe. Very simple to make and easy to learn. There is not fat added to this dough which is the way that to better result for fresh pasta texture and more time will be easy to keep in your refrigerator for the maximum of three days, don�t use it anymore; or freeze the dough before the three days.


All porpoise flour 500 grams
Mondako flour 500 grams
Whole eggs 600 grams

Fresh pasta for ravioli, cappellacci, tortelloni etc.


Mixed all together in a mixer or by hand. This fresh pasta dough is the most use in Italy for application with fresh stuffed pasta. The dough is more elastic and has more humidity to help the pasta to seal better.


All pourpose flour 500 grams
Mondako flour 300 grams
Extra durum Semolina flour 200 grams
Extra virgin olive oil 200 grams
Only yolks eggs 400 grams

Fresh pasta for lasagna, Pappardelle and other large cut.


Mixed all together in a mixer. This fresh dough you will be using only the yolks of the eggs and result of the dough is dryer and harder then the previous one. The best application for this dough is to leave rest for at least two in the refrigerator and then laminated with your laminator machine or by hand and the just let dry for 5 to 6 minutes before you cut it in the cut that you like. Perfect for lasagna, Pappardelle, tagliatelle, fettuccine.


All purpose flour: 750 grams
Extra durum semolina flour: 250 grams
Whole eggs: 600 grams

Fresh pasta for spaghetti, linguine, farfalle (bow tie), penne, rigatoni.


Same process as the other dough. Let the dough rest before you use it. Then laminated to thickness you desire for your pasta and then cut it the way you like it. For the bow tie pasta cut the sheets in Regular Square and then closes the middle part. For penne e rigatoni and other tubes cuts the best thing is to have an extractor pasta machine where you will put all the ingredients on the machine and when the dough is ready the machine It will extract the cut that you need.

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