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2 lb of fresh pasta dough for ravioli
2 lb of pumpkin
2 each delicious apple
sea salt and ground black pepper
1/2 cup of crumble Italian amaretto cookies
1/2 cup of fresh grated "Parmigiano Reggiano"
1 table spoon of butter
1 teaspoon of Dijon musturd
1/2 glass of apple cider

Pumpkin ravioli in a melted butter Parmesan cheese sauce with prosciutto slices


Made the fresh pasta dough for "ravioli" following the recipe linked under the ingredients selection on your left.
Peeled and cut in regular pieces the pumpkin, then wrapped in a aluminum foil and bake in a hot oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes until the pumpkin will be tender enough, let it cool down to room temperature. In the mean time peeled the apples cut it in pieces also and put in a sauce pan with the unsalted butter and the half glass of apple cider, let simmer the apple until will completely dissolve and reduce to a thick pure. At this point add the Dijon mustard and mixed in.Add the apple mixture to the cool down pumpkin and together pass thru a fine large fine mesh sieve into a new clean bowl. As is finish to pass add to the fine mixture the crumble amaretti cookies, and the fresh grated Parmigiano reggiano mix well.
Rolling the pasta dough for ravioli with the rolling pin as thin as you like, cut the round circle with the round cutter, and brushed with egg wash fill the center of the circle with the pumpkin mixture and cover with another cut pasta circle and seal the edges of the obtain "ravioli", with your finger or with the help of a fork.
Boil the ravioli in a salted boiling water then strain it into a skillet with the melted unsalted butter add more fresh grated Parmigiano and a few ladles of the cooking water, reduce and plate in a large dinner plate garnishing with fresh Italian "prosciutto" slices

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