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2 lb of ricotta cheese gnocchi
3 each large eggplant
1 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 lb of fresh Roma tomatoes
Sea Salt and ground pepper corn
2 ounces of fresh oregano

Ricotta cheese gnocchi with marinated eggplant and tomato comfit


Peel into stripes the eggplant by leaving on them some of the skin on it.Cut them in regular large dice.Bring a pot with water to boil add sea salt and dump the diced large eggplants into the water boiled until they will be tender. Remove out of the water with your skimmer utensil and lay out on large sheet pan to chill them out at room temperature. As soon as the eggplant will be cool down place them in a bowl seasoned with sea salt and ground black pepper, add the leaves of the fresh oregano and cover with extra virgin olive oil, mixed well to allow the dices of eggplant will be completely marinated in the oil. Then can be store in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks if are keep well under the oil.
Peeled the Roma tomatoes, remove the internal flesh and seeds also and keep the discard on site. Cut the tomatoes into large dice and on a large sauteed pan with the low flame start them to braise with just one spoon of extra virgin olive oil, on very low flame and stirring them often. Place the discard flesh of the tomatoes on a blender and blend, strain the liquid into a fine sieve and keep the juice obtain it. Put the juice in a sauce pan and reduce by half, then chilled down. As soon the tomatoes will be dry enough and start sticking at the bottom of the sauteed pan add the reduce tomato juice liquid and cook until is reduce together with the braised tomatoes for another half hour very slow. Remove from the flame and chilled down to room temperature.Reheat the ricotta cheese gnocchi in a boiling water and as soon come on the top of the water skimmed and put it with the comfit tomatoes, add the marinated eggplants mixed them and tossed now are ready to serve.

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