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Yield 5 portion of cooked Ricotta "gnocchi" scaled at 5 ounces per serving

2 lb of ricotta cheese gnocchi
1.5 lb of fresh Roma tomatoes
1/2 cup of fresh mint
2 table spoon of mint oil

Ricotta cheese gnocchi with mint oil and tomato concasse'


Prepare your Ricotta cheese gnocchi following the recipe linked on the ingredients section of this tab.
Peeled the Roma tomatoes raw with a good potato peeler, cut in half and remove just the seeds with a small spoon, fine chopped the tomatoes and place it in a cheese cloth over a fine strainer mesh to allow the juices of the tomatoes drain in a clean bowl. Cut a fine chiffonade with the fresh mint leaves. Reduce the tomato juice; chilled and keep it on site. Bring a salted water pot to boil, dump the fresh Ricotta cheese "gnocchi" strained out with the skimmer kitchen utensil add to a bowl, add the fine chopped tomatoes and the reduce chilled juice, the spoon of mint oil, fresh cracked black pepper corn and serve in plate, garnished with the fresh mint chiffonade.

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