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yield 5 portions

1 Lb of Dry Spaghetti
1 Lb of Cuttle fish
1 each yellow onion
2 each garlic clove
3 tablespoon of olive oil
Sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper
2 glass of white wine
1 lb of vine ripe tomatoes
2 each of fresh bay leaves
2 spoon of extra virgin olive oil

Spaghetti in garlic extra virgin olive oil, tomato-cuttlefish confiture, squid ink sauce

Clean and wash the cuttlefish, keep the squid ink on a separate bowl..Finely chopped the yellow onion, minced the garlic cloves.Cut the cuttlefish in regular stripes or large julienne, rinse set aside.Take a large casserole and heat it up with the olive oil, add the minced garlic, sauteed until gold then add the fine chopped onion, let them sweat all together, until crisp, at this point add the cuttlefish, and let cook until all the water content will be evaporate it. As soon as you see the fish start drying out, add the sea salt and the fresh cracked black pepper, stir in the cut it vine tomatoes and let it braised together for few minutes on a low flame, poor in the wine, let it evaporate also.Cover the casserole with his lid and let it cook for about one hour and 40 minutes slowly; the last 35 minutes remove the lid out of the casserole and continuing cooking until the cuttlefish is tender.To prepare the ink, sauteed 2 fine chopped shallots in a saucepan until translucent, filter the squid ink into it with a fine sieve, add half cup of water and reduce the liquid by half; then blended and strain back into the saucepan, reduce little more until tick consistency,(do not add any salt on this sauce,Squid ink has natural high sodium content). Slice 3 garlic cloves, and sauteed them in extra virgin olive until cold, in a large skillet fry pan, turn off the flame and poor in couple ladles of cooking water. Add the "Al Dente" cooked spaghetti into the pane and let them reduce with the water oil and garlic until dry up. For assembling the dish, spread the warm black squid ink sauce on the center of a ten inch plate, add the tomato-cuttlefish confiture, and topped with a pile up "spaghetti" with olive oil and garlic.

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