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Yield 4 portion of cooked pasta scale at 8 ounces x portion

1 lb of fresh pasta for ravioli
1 and 1/2 quart of Tuscan sausage ragout(using 6 ounces ladle x portion)
1 cup of fresh grated "pecorino" Romano cheese
1 lb of Cherry tomatoes

"Strozzapreti" with Tuscan sausage ragout


Make the fresh pasta for ravioli following the recipe linked on the ingredients list
Roll out the pasta dough 2 millimeter of thickness and cut into regular stripes 4 inch wide. Get a long wood skewers and roll each side of the pasta stripe into the center, long wise. Let the pasta dry in a tray dusted with fine "semolina" flour then boiled in a salted water until the pasta rise on the surface of the boiling water, cook for 2 minutes and then sauteed one cup of cooked "strozzapreti" in a pan with fresh cut in half cherry tomatoes,let the tomatoes sweat with 2 ounces ladles of extra virgin olive oil until the cherry tomatoes will be completely melted, about 10 to 15 minutes on a low flame and then add 6 ounces ladle of the Tuscan Sausage ragout made following the recipe linked on the ingredients list. Add the fresh grated "Pecorino Romano cheese, drizzled few drops of extra virgin olive oil, tossed and served in a plate.Garnish with fresh basil and dusted some more grated cheese around the plate.

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Pasta Recipe

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