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1 quart of whole wheat flour
1/2 quart of extra fancy fine semolina flour
1/2 quart of high gluten flour
1/2 cup of olive oil
2 ounces of fine sea salt
1/2 quart of water
2 large spoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 lb of green Italian zucchini
2 each of red bell pepper
3 ounces of black olives
2 each medium yellow onions
2 each garlic cloves
1 bunch of fresh basil
ground black pepper
4 each ripe Roma tomatoes

Whole wheat spaghetti with vegan ragout


Mix the flours together with the salt add them into the extruded mix machine, add the oil and slowly the water when the machine is start mixing the flour, extrude the whole wheat spaghetti and keep on site in a large stainless steel tray.
Prepare the sauce:
Wash and clean the Italian green zucchini cut only the green part and diced with the chef knife, keep the scraps for a veggies stock; place the diced green zucchini in a sauce pan with one large spoon of olive oil and seasoned with fine sea salt and ground black pepper, turn on the flame low and start simmering the green zucchini until they will release their own sugar, as soon they will come gently soft remove the sauce pan out of the flame place the green zucchini in a tray and chilled right away, cut the red bell pepper in half remove the seeds and the white part of the pepper, peel out the skin with a regular potato peeler, cut them also in diced and then sauteed in a large skillet with a touch of oil always with a low flame to allow the natural sugar of the pepper to release their own sugars glutenous, repeat the operation for the onions also and keep the vegetable be chilled separately, in a bowl then combine the chilled vegetable, mix them taste and adjust the flavor with a fresh cut basil chiffonade, and some more raw extra virgin olive oil, add also the ripe Roma tomatoes, cut in diced skinless and not seeds, the scraps of the tomato can be add to the vegetable stock. At this point strain the vegetable stock into a new clean pot and bring the liquid to boil with some sea salt, cook the whole wheat spaghetti in the vegetable stock water, in the meantime in a large skillet let the thin slices cut garlic cloves get color it with some more olive oil, add few ladles of the veggies stock cooking water into the skillet to stop the garlic to cook in the oil, add the vegetables diced mixture and then sauteed the cooked al "Dente" pasta, reduce it with the vegetable ragout and serve it piling up on a plate.

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