1000 grams of Flour 00
Fresh yeast 60 gr. (dry yeast 100 gr.)
sugar 200 gr.
Milk 50 gr.
Cold Butter or Lard 100 gr.
Eggs 300 gr.
Water 200 gr.
Salt 18 gr.
Butter for folding 650 gr.
Flour for folding 400 gr.

Hand made croissants


In the mixer put the flour with the salt mix it,add the cold lard, with the eggs, sugar and the fresh yeast diluted into the 50 grams of milk, continuing mixing at medium speed until the gluten is form then add the water and let the dough becoming elastic with high speed mixing. Remove the dough out of the mixer and on a floured working table rolled out and then put on a sheet already cover it with a parchment paper and place it into the freezer. In the mean time mix the 650 grams of butter with the 400 grams of flour, take out and form a flat brick with it. Remove the dough out of the freezer and place the butter brick in the middle fold it the same way the puff pastry is done, wrapped with plastic and can be rest and rise in the refrigerator over night at 40 to 41 degree. The following day roll the dough about 1. inch of thickness and cut the triangle strips then rolled the croissants, if you bake them allow 2 hour of proofing at 80 degrees F. or 28 degrees C.Bake them by brushing them first with the egg wash then bake for 16 minutes at 325 F or 165 C.