The Pizza

4 lb Italian Imported flour"00"
1.7 liter of room temperature Water
120 grams Sea Salt
35 grams yeast(dry active)
You can use fresh yeast double the amount to 70 grams


Poor the room temperature water into the mixer, add the sea salt and let it dissolve well into the water, then add the flour and the yeast, mix until the flour will be absorb all the water and the dough gluten is form, at this point continuing mixing the dough for 20 minutes, until will be elastic and smooth. Remove the dough out of the mixer, place in flour it table and let it rest for one hour before you start shaping at the desire scale wait. For a ten inch pizza you can scale the dough balls to 250 grams or approximately 6.5 ounces.View the video clip to see the hand pizza stretch and pizza tossing, just practice and become a "Professional Italian Pizzaiolo"
There is many things can be done with the Pizza dough; like Pane Arabo view video clip below

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