The Natural Yeast

Here how to start your own made yeast from scratch

This is a long process but if want to develop dedicate your self with passion and dedication you will achieve it. The minim amount to start is 200 grams with 65% of Hydration which it will include water, All purpose flour, mixed flours, salt and malt. Mix all the flours and choose the freshest milled organic whole berries:30% of spring wheat,30%of hard red wheat,30% of spelt flour and 10%of rye flour. If you cannot find the spring wheat use all hard red winter wheat, but just to remind you the spring wheat has more protein than the winter wheat. If you can grind your own wheat it will be the best yeast and of course the most natural yeast like the Egyptian centuries ago. Ground your wheat just before you mixing, this is very important step because the cells are very volatile and disappear fast. Mix the flours and the malt, not the salt only after a couple of minutes of mixing the flours, then add the water that must a distilled water because most water from your faucet will have iodine in it and this can't prevent the cells to develop the gasses inside of your gluten dough. When dough is start to be bouncy and the imprint of a finger remains visible, roll it into a ball, dust it with flour, flatten it into a disk which will fit at the bottom of your favorite plastic container cover the dough with whole grains to prevent light go threw and cover very tight with a lid or a plastic wrap to make that no air will go threw. At this point the fermentation it will about to start and let it stay for 22 hours at a moderate temperature of 79 degrees or 26 Celsius. After 22 or 24 hour of resting, dust off the ball. A crust will have formed, then harvest only 200 gr of crust. At this point add more water about little more than the amount of the harvest dough, the water should be at 86 degrees or 30 Celsius, let soften the dough for about 15 minutes,then with the immersion blender mix it with the water. Mix in this starter with the flours and the malt again, repeat the process as before and let ripen another 24 hours at little more warm to 81 degrees. The next step after is to blend again the 200 gr. of ripened dough with little more of the amount of the dough, adding the double amount of flours mixing the diluted starter, mix briefly, mix in touch of salt, make a ball again. Place it in a sealed container and this time do not cover it with flour. Let it ripen for 4 hours at 81 degrees, when is tripled in bulk,proceed to the next step. Blend again just the crusted part of 200 gr and discard the rest mixed again with water combine the double amount of flours and repeat the process again. Repeat this process every 4 hours until the dough it will triple his amount of the original size. It will take a few times to start rising, and when it does your baking product will be more natural with great health value and the taste of flavor are unique because only you will know how to develop this yeast flavor. If you are serous to achieve this and want a professional help for the first time to develop your own yeast just follow the link on the banner below and filled out your information, you will receive a culinary service to achieve your results.