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2 lb of High gluten flour
0.70 ounce of sea salt
4.23 ounces of honey
2.82 ounces of fresh yeast
19.4 ounces of Unsulted Butter
1 each zest of lemon
58.2 ounces of whole eggs



Mix the flour with the honey,salt then add the yeast with the vanilla extract,half of the eggs and only 5.29 ounces of the total butter. As soon as the dough is form start adding the rest of the eggs little at the time, then incorporate to the dough the rest of the butter. Put the mixing dough right away on his molds, let them rise at 80 F. for 60 to 80 minutes then baked in hot oven at 425 degrees F. for 12 minutes for the small size mold for bigger size reduce the temperature to 375 degrees F and baked for 15-16 minutes. Molded out the Baba and chill it to room temperature, prepare a simple syrup with 100 gr of water and 50 grams of sugar, let it cool down and add Rum diluted well, then immerse the Baba' into the liquid to soaked, then cut them long way almost thru and filled with fresh whipped cream and garnished with maraschino cherries.

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