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1 lb of semi sweet chocolate
1 cup of sugar
4 yolks
4 egg white
1/2 cup of heavy cream
1/2 batch recipe of sponge cake
2 cups of "espresso" coffee
1 shot of rum

Chocolate mousse


Crushed the chocolate with a chef knife, melted at body temperature, whisk the eggs yolks with the granulated sugar then put it into the melted chocolate, scale in grams the eggs white and then add the same amount in granulated sugar whipped in the mixer until stiff. Whip also the heavy cream and then folded into the whipped eggs white, now add it into the chocolate and refrigerate for a hour, put it in a pastry bag.
Prepare the half batch recipe of the sponge cake.
Put the espresso coffee liquid with few spoon of granulated sugar with the shoot of rum, reduce over a low flame then chilled. Cut the sponge cake into regular circles, put the circle into a metal rings and lightly soaked with the espresso liquid.
Pipe on the chocolate mousse, then put back again in the refrigerator.
Take a cup of water with half cup of sugar warm it up and then add 1/2 cup of sifted cocoa powered then reduce, until syrupy consistency, chill down to room temperature, coated before serving the chocolate mousse, with some strawberry coulis.

Dessert Recipe

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