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1 batch of "sponge cake or "genoise" recipe
2 batch of pastry cream recipe
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of sugar
1 shot of rum
Powered sugar
1 cup of dark chocolate

The Florentine Zuccotto


Bake the sponge cake batch recipe on a rectangular mold. Cut it into regular stripe and cover the inside of a sphere mold or a 10 inch stainless steel bowl. Put the water with the rum and the sugar to simmer, then gently soaked the sponge stripes inside the bowl with a brush or a squeeze bottle. Prepare the separate two batches of the pastry cream, one batch replace 20 grams of corn starch with 20 grams of cocoa powered, and then make the pastry cream the usually way, for the chocolate cream. The Zuccotto need two have two type of pastry cream one regular and one with chocolate. Fold both pastry cream with half of their amount volume with whipped cream, put the chocolate cream first and then the regular pastry cream after that to rich the top of the sphere mold, put some crushed pieces of dark chocolate in the creams, then finish by cover with more stripes of the sponge cake, soaked them also and at this point put the mold in the freezer for couple hours. Mold out the Zuccotto and spread just simple whipped cream on the top, dusted with crumble left overs of the sponge cake, and finish it with powered sugar and cocoa power.

Dessert Recipe

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