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{first part} 3.5 Kg of honey
{second part} 125 gr of granulated sugar
350 gr of eggs whites
1/2 lemon juice
{Third part} 3kg of powered sugar
0.75 liter of heavy whipping cream(26.45 ounces)
4 gr of vanilla powered
{Four part} 3.5 Kg of Sugar granulated
750 gr glucose
1.2 liter of water
{Last part} 7 kg of blanched Almonds
2.5 kg of pistachios peeled
750 gr of diced candied oranges
Dark chocolate

Chocolate Torrone


Put the honey first in a sauce pan and bring slowly to a boiling point, then poor into a stainless still bowl, continuing stirring at baine maire.
Whip the 125 grams of granulated sugar with the 350 grams of eggs whites, adding the lemon juice with the 1/2 of the lemon juice, then add it to the honey bowl in the bain marie.
Warm the 3 Kg of powered sugar at 140 degrees F.then whipped with the 26.45 ounces of heavy whipping cream, adding the powered vanilla, then added also to the bowl at baine marie.
Now cook the other 3.5 Kg of granulated sugar to rich a temperature of 284 degrees F. adding the 750 grams of glucose and the 1.2 liter of water, add everything to the bowl at baine marie.
Toasted the almond and the pistachios and add it when they are still hot into the bowl, finished with the dry diced candied oranges.
Prepare the mold shape by covering with parchment paper or wax paper or aluminum foil, poor in the nougat mixture into the mold and let it cool down for 24 hour cover with paper. Then molded out on a cutting board and cut into regular size pieces.
Melt the dark chocolate and then with a help of a large tweezers dip the pieces of nougat into it. Cool it and can be wrapped in candied papers.

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