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1 Liter of heavy cream
1 each zest of lemon
10 ounces of granulated sugar
2 each of gelatin sheets
touch of salt
2 cup of espresso
4 ounces of bittersweet chocolate

The traditional Italian "Panna Cotta"


Put the heavy cream in a sauce pan, with the sugar and zest of the lemon, put on a low flame burner, in the mean time take the two gelatin sheets and let them soften it under cold water in a bowl.
As soon as the the heavy cream is reduce, about 20 minutes of simmering, add the soften gelatin sheets, stirring them into the cream liquid, and let completely dissolve, reduce for another 5 minutes, then strained to a fine sieve then put in a large pitcher, now can be poor into the desire mold.Let it cool down and refrigerated over night. The "Panna Cotta" can be served in many ways, the one on the small picture inside this frame table is served over a espresso "Granita" with melted chocolate, garnished with chocolate tips.

Dessert Recipe

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