The Pastry & Desserts

The Pastry cream The meringue The cream puff or eclairs Chantilly cream
The italian sponge cake The italian zabaione "Ricciarelli" cookies Ricotta Cheese Cake
Almond soaked sponge cake Spumone Semifreddo Puff Pastry (Pasta sfoglia) Pasta Frolla
Amaretti cookies The "Pinolati" cookies 15 16


The traditional Tuscan carnival "cenci"

The Spumone Semifreddo

Rolled chocolate cake with strawberries cream

The Baba

The classic vanilla and chocolate souffle'

Assorted nuts and candied fruit nougat "torrone" cover with chocolate

Baked "Mascarpone Cheese" with melted dark chocolate

Mono portion "zuccotto"

Traditional cannoncini

Puff pastry napoleon with Chantilly cream and chocolate glaze

Traditional Carnival Florentine "Schiacciata"

Salted chocolate ganache with raspberries sorbet

Hand made lemon sorbet on a wafer cookie cup and lemon chip

Chantilly cream filled eclairs with chocolate glaze

Walnut & Chocolate chip mini muffin

Yogurt "semifreddo" on watermelon soup and chocolate seeds garnished with pineaaple brunoise

Dessert plate trio of Flourless chocolate cake, cheese cake

Almond cherries cookies

Donut Bomboloni.

Wafer chocolate bars

Hearth shape lemon meringue tart

Flourless chocolate cake with orange chip and raspberries coulis

Mousse di cioccolato con pan di spagna al caffe'.

La Zuppa Inglese

Crema di mascarpone meringata con salsa tiepida di cioccolato al caffe'

Dolce di ricotta con crosta di amaretti e sciroppo di amarene

Chocolate fondant on orange creme anglaise.

Warm chocolate filling bread pudding with "chambord" creme anglaise"

Traditional "Panna Cotta" basted with espresso coffee

Lemon strawberries cream brulee'

Wheat and pastry cream tart,date coulis sauce

Poached Peach in a caramelized port wine

Warm peach strudel with crema gelato.

Poached pear wrapped in puff pastry over vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramelized red wine sauce.

Warm chocolate hazelnut cake with liquid coffee cream filling.


Cream puff filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with melted dark chocolate sauce.

Strawberry shortcake with whipping cream.

Washington apple custard with caramel sauce.

Caramelized puff pastry filled with figs napoleon

Creme Caramel

Chocolate ghanache pie

Ricotta cheese pie

"Philadelphia" cheese cake

"Philadelphia" chocolate cheese cake

The traditional grandmother tarte

Organic plum and frangipane tarte

Lemon marengue custard tart

Mascarpone cheese cake with blackberrries and "Mascarpone" cream cheese.

Soaked Grande Marnier-orange sponge cake filled with chantilly cream and dark chocolate mousse

The Traditional Neapolitan Pastiera

The Sfogliatelle with amarene cherries

Chocolate pistachios truffles

The Lemon cake The traditional "Buccellato" Chocolate espresso mousse cake Apple Tart Black Figs Tart 59 60
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