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{for the chocolate Ganache}
1 kg of dark chocolate
24 ounces of heavy cream
4 ounces of powered sugar
{For the raspberry sorbet} 1 kg of fresh raspberry
500 grams of water
250 grams of granulated sugar
flavoring cracked salt mix with raw turbinato sugar

Salted chocolate ganache with raspberries sorbet


Prepare the chocolate ganache by melting the dark chocolate at body temperature with the sugar and the cream, put into a small sheet pan cover it with parchment paper then refrigerate until firm.
Now prepare the raspberry sorbet; put the water and the sugar in a sauce pan reduce by half and then chilled to room temperature. Blend raw the fresh strawberries strain the juice in to a fine sieve and freeze the juice.
As soon as the juice is hard freeze broken in pieces and put it in a blender, slowly poor the syrup until the frozen pieces will blend and combine in a smooth thick sorbet, poor it on a ice freeze stainless still container until ready to use.
Now cut the chocolate ganache into regular square pieces and rolled into a mixture of salt and turbinato raw sugar, garnished with a quenelle shape of the obtain freeze raspberry sorbet, serve.

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