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3/4 quart of milk
3/4 quart of manufactured cream
1 1/2 cup of granulated sugar
6 whole eggs
Vanilla extract
6 regular spoon of regular sugar Salt
1 lemon juice
2 ounces of pistachios
3 ounces of strawberries

Spumone Semifreddo


This is a three layer semifreddo. Use a terrine mold or a rectangular stainless steel mold. Start first with the vanilla first. Separate two eggs from the yolk and keep the white separate. Whip the yolk with 1 1/2 of the granulated sugar in the mean time heat it up to boil a quarter cup of milk with a quarter cup of cream. Add the liquid to the yolk mixture with the vanilla and cook at "bagnomaria" until The cream will be cover a back of large spoon. At this point remove the bowl from the heat, place over ice bowl and stirring until the temperature of 41 degrees, in the mean time whip the egg whites with two spoon of sugar and few drop of lemon juice( it will help them to be nice and firm). Incorporate the egg whites to the yolk milk cream and then poor it into your mold. Put in the freezer for a hour, until is set. Then blended the pistachios add to the other quarter of milk and cream. Bring to boil and then continuing the process above. Last part blend the strawberries and strained to remove the seeds, add to the milk and cream bring to boil and follow the same process as the vanilla. Poor into the mold. For mold out the "semifreddo" place the mold over hot water for few second and it will come out. Cut your portions and serve with a sauce you prefer.

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