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120 grams of Flour
120 grams of corn starch
350 grams of blanched almonds
300 grams of eggs
350 grams of butter
100 grams of milk
520 grams of powered sugar
8 grams of baking power
Orange zest

Strawberry shortcake


Put the butter with the sugar in the mixer and whipped add the eggs and the fine grounded blanched almonds, add the milk to the mixture and sifted the flour, corn starch and the baking powered twice, folded in the wet mixture until is completely incorporate, fill your desire non stick mold and bake them at 300 F for 22 minutes.Cool down the cakes, whip some heavy cream with sugar, cut some fresh strawberries in regular wedges, cut open the cool down cakes, and filled the bottom with the whipped heavy cream arrange the fresh wedges of strawberries in and decorate with a strawberry coulis.

Dessert Recipe

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