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1 kg of flour 00
100 gr of Biga(bread starter)
400 grams of water
2 spoons of olive oil
5 grams of salt
3 eggs
400 grams of granulated sugar
250 of lard
1 shoot of Vin santo
300 grams of pastry cream
20 grams of fresh yeast
1 shot of vanilla extract
1 shot of Grand Marnier


In the mixer add the flour with the salt and mix well. Then put the eggs, the lard, sugar, the biga (starter), vanilla extra, the liquor and the the orange zest, Mix add gradually the water with the fresh yeast diluted into the water, form the gluten dough and let rest and rise in a warm proof cabinet at 80-85 F. for 4 hours. Put the dough on a lightly floured table and rolled to a 2 inches of thickness, cut it in stripes then form the twisted robs (treccie), let it rise for a hour then fried them in a hot oil at 275F. fried them until gold color and crispy. Drain it out over a paper towel then tossed in a bowl with sugar. Served warm

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