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For the wafers:
750 grams High Gluten flour
250 grams of all purpose flour
15 grams of salt
30 grams of sugar
1250 grams of milk
125 grams of egg yolks
125 grams of oil
250 grams of egg whites
For the chocolate mousse:
500 grams of semi sweet chocolate
125 grams of sugar
75 grams of heavy cream
50 grams of eggs

Chocolate Wafers


Start preparing the wafer by sifting the flours and mixed with the rest of the dried ingredients. Beat the egg yolks, adding the oil and the milk, stir the liquid into the dry mix and mix well until smooth. Led the mixture rest for thirty minutes, then fold in the whipped egg whites. Now poor it over a sheet pan cover by a silicon mat, spread the mixture evenly, bake at 275 F. for about 15 to 20 minutes, remove it and chill it at room temperature.
For the chocolate mousse
Melt the crushed semi-sweet chocolate, then add the eggs and the sugar, whip the heavy cream and carefully fold into the chocolate, put it in a pastry bag with a star tip then refrigerated for 30 minutes before use. Cut the wafer into regular rectangular then pipe the mousse between the layers, as soon is assemble refrigerated again.
For serving prepare a chocolate glaze by boiling 100 grams of water with 50 grams of sugar and 25 grams of cocoa powered, add the powered when the water is warm to prevent chunks and better to be dissolve into the water. Reduce at low flame until syrup consistency, take one piece of wafers layered with the chocolate mousse and served by covering with the chocolate glaze and garnishing with other sauce on the plate.

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