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1 batch recipes of English cream
1 lb of left over Tuscan Bread
8 ounces of cocoa powered
1 lb of semi sweet chocolate
4 ounces of hazelnuts
2 ounces of butter

Chocolate bread pudding


Remove the crust of the Tuscan bread and cut it in regular pieces, put in a bowl and mix in the cocoa powered, add the warm just made English cream, mix well, add this point fill out the remaking and chilled. Toasted the hazelnut and peeled them, ground them in a food processor, melt the chocolate at body temperature, add the ground hazelnuts with the butter, mix well and refrigerate just enough to be able to form little spheres, coated them into the cocoa powered and filled into each form it bread pudding. Preparing the sugar cage: Put the granulated sugar in a skillet, and let it slowly melt as soon as rich caramel color, remove out of the flame, take a twelve inch ladle and coated with olive oil, then start poring the hot sugar like a spiral on the ladle as soon as the sugar start cooling down with the hand remove the sugar cage for the garnish of the dessert. Warm up the bread pudding in the microwave for 1 minute, then place it in the plate, with drops of English cream, raspberries coulis, and melted chocolate, cover with the sugar net cage.

Dessert Recipe

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