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1 batch of Puff pastry dough
1 lb of fresh figs
1 batch of Chantilly cream
1 cup of sugar

Puff pastry fig napoleon


Prepare the Puff Pastry, roll it about 1/2 inch of thickness and cut in 4 inches regular squares, poke the dough with a fork, brush them with melted butter and cover it with granulated sugar. Bake them for 22 minutes in the hot convection oven for 22 minutes, remove them out of the oven then cool down to room temperature. Prepare the Chantilly cream and put it in a plastic pastry bag. Put the granulated sugar in a skillet and caramelize it, remove out of the flame and with a spoon coated some of the square bake puff pastry with the sugar and let cool down. Peeled the skin out of the fresh figs, cut in wedges, then pipe the Chantilly cream at the bottom of the baked puff pastry and topped with the figs, more Chantilly and finishing by topping it with the caramelized puff pastry. Presented in a center of dish already drizzled with some caramel sauce.

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