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Yield four regular size rolls.
Each roll can be cut in six pieces of 2 inch wide each.
1 batch of Sponge cake or Genoise
2 lb Dark chocolate
2 liter water
2 cups sugar
3 lb Strawberries
1.5 quart Heavy whipping cream
1 tea spoon vanilla extract
4 shots of espresso
pinch of salt (for the strawberry mousse)
4 whole eggs

Cocoa sponge chocolate roll filled strawberry mousse


Prepare the sponge cake by following the high lighted linked recipe on the ingredients site of this table. Make the sponge cake recipe with cocoa just remove 50 grams of corn starch and replace that amount with cocoa powered.On large sheet pan cover it with parchment paper poor in the sponge cake and make it even with a help of spatula, baked the sponge at 300 F. for 45 minutes with a low fan if you using a convection oven.
Prepare the strawberry mousse by blending the wash and trim fresh raw strawberries and blend them as it is. Strain the obtain liquid into a fine mesh strainer or sieve into a large bowl, add the yolks into the liquid with the sugar and cooked the eggs over a boiling water by stirring them with the whip until the liquid rich consistency and smooth thickness, chilled the bowl over ice water.
Whip the egg white with half of the volume of the eggs in sugar, place the whipped egg white and fold in the whipped heavy whipping cream, add all of it to the already chilled thick it strawberries cream and folded slowly from the bottom to the top until all is well combine and incorporated.Keep the mousse refrigerated until you need it. Soak the cocoa sponge cake with a syrup obtain by reducing water and sugar then flavor it with the shots of espresso.
At this point spread the refrigerated strawberry mousse on it evenly, to easy roll cut the chocolate sponge first in smaller pieces and lay out on a fresh sheet of parchment paper and slowly roll. As soon the rolls are form refrigerate them and let them set for a hour or so.
In the mean time prepare the chocolate glaze by melting some dark chocolate in the espresso syrup .
Place the refrigerated rolls over pastry racks and glaze them with the dark chocolate espresso glaze.

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