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1 full batch recipe of meringue
50 grams of heavy cream
50 grams of egg whites
50 grams of mascarpone cheese

25 grams of sugar
vanilla extract
100 grams of crushed dark chocolate

Meringue with Mascarpone


Prepare the batch recipe of the meringue, then in a mixer whip the mascarpone cheese with the heavy cream and the vanilla extract, remove out of the mixer and put in a bowl, add the egg whites into the clean mixer bowl with the sugar whipped until stiff. Add the whipped eggs whites into the cream and mascaropone cheese mixture and folded it from the bottom up until everything will be well combine, put the mixture in a pastry bag with a star tip and pipe on the inside face of the already bake it meringue.
Melt the crushed chocolate, keep it warm and at the moment of serving poor some in the middle of the plate, put the pipe it filled meringue in the middle, serve.

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