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For the strudel dough
1 batch of the croissant dough 1 lb of poached peach in "Chianti" wine
1 batch recipe of Pastry cream
1 cup of blanched sliced almonds

Warm peach strudel with vanilla "gelato"


Prepare the batch of the croissant dough rolled as thin as possible and refrigerated, in the mean time add to the cool down batch recipe of the pastry cream the poached peaches, add the sliced blanched almond incorporate it into the cream. Remove the croissant dough out of the refrigerator, brush the surface of the dough with melted butter, spread the pastry cream and peach mixture on the dough rolled evenly and then brush the surface of the roll with melted butter, refrigerated again. Warm the convection oven to 300 F. then bake the peach strudel, make sure you poke the dough with a fork to help the moister escape during the baking time. Bake for 22 minutes with no fan. Served warm with vanilla gelato and caramel sauce.

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