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1 Lb of fresh peaches
1 bottle of Chianti
Cinnamon stick
vanilla bean
1 cup of sugar

Poached peach in a "Chianti" wine


Wash the peaches and then put in a large pot with the sugar, the cinnamon stick and the vanilla bean, poor in the "Chianti" wine and to make sure the peach will be under the liquid put an plate on it to keep it them down. Turn on the flame on lo and let it poach until the peaches are soft enough. Remove the peaches out of the liquid and let it them cool down to room temperature, then peel the skin out remove the seeds and cut it in regular wedges, reduce the wine liquid until syrup consistency then strain to a fine mesh strainer and cool it down cover the wedges of the peaches with the reduce "Chianti" wine.

Dessert Recipe

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