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4 ounces of Asparagus
1 ounce of fresh fave beans
1 ounce of Italian "pancetta"
2 ounces of diced peeled potatoes
1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 spoon of lemon citronette
1 table spoon of diced Tuscan Pecorino cheese
Sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper corn

Steamed asparagus salad tossed with fresh fava beans, roasted potatoes and diced "Toscano" pecorino drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.


Wash and peeled the asparagus, blanched them and chilled in a ice water, bath, strained and put dry over a paper towel; toasted the diced potato in a french carbon steel fry pan, until tender and gold color, set them a side,crispy the diced pancetta in another hot pan with the oil. Blanched the fave beans and then peeled.Tossed the asparagus, with the lemon citronette,fold them together to create a nest with a center cavity, and tossed the potatoes, the crispy pancetta and the fave beans, in a bowl with the spoon of extra virgin olive oil, adjust taste with sea salt and fresh cracket black pepper corn,add it in the asparagus nest, serve.